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About us

Van Triest Veevoeders (‘Van Triest Cattle and Pig Feed’) is a family owned and operated company established in Hoogeveen, the Netherlands. Since its formation in 1959 the company has grown into a professional corporation specialized in the purchase and sale of moist concentrates and raw feed designated for livestock farmers. Short lines of communication, delivery of the highest quality and act as promised. This is how we started and this is how we operate today.

Van Triest Veevoeders serves as a reliable link between producers, suppliers and agricultural customers. Over the years, sustainable business relations have been established with over 3,000 cattle farmers. Our comprehensive customer base forms a solid base for the sale of our products.

Long term purchasing agreements with beer breweries, sugar plants, bio-ethanol plants and the potato processing industry along with excellent affiliations with hundreds of agricultural farmers guarantee the supply of reliable quality products such as brewers grains, Grain Pro™, Grain Pro+™, ProtiBest, Corngold®, straw & hay, maize, beetroot pulp, various by-products from sugar and potato-processing plants and a wide range of other cattle feed products.

Our fleet of specially equipped trucks and our skilful drivers guarantee timely and correct delivery. Van Triest Veevoeders is GMP+ certified and takes care of procurement and in-house quality controls to ensure the delivery of safe products that meet the highest possible quality standards.

Our qualified representatives provide tailor made recommendations to farmers, as each farm is different and requires a unique approach. Permanent training and education of our salesforce ensures that expertise required for optimal utilization of moist concentrates and raw feed in rations is maintained at the highest level.


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