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Brewers grains

Brewers grains are a protein rich residue from numerous Dutch, Belgian and German breweries, suitable for feeding beef- and dairy cattle and sows.

Brewers grains help to promote rumen fermentation, digestion and thus have a positive influence on the overall health status of animals. Brewers grains are high in digestible fibre and therefore can be used as roughage substitute in times of shortage of roughage.

Another important aspect is the very low potassium content in brewers grains. Also for young stock and dry cows brewers grains is an excellent source of protein.

Brewers grains are available all year round.


After delivery, the brewers grains should be levelled and rest it for a day. The top layer can be covered with some agricultural salt, have it airtight packed and protect it with a ground sheet. Proper drainage or collection of sap is necessary.This can be reached by applying a thin layer of mais or dry pulp underneath the brewer’s grains.

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