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Quality warranty


Impeccable quality and transparency are of utmost importance to Van Triest Veevoeders. Our company is fully GMP+ certified. GMP commenced in 1992 and stands for ‘Good Manufacturing Practices”. Over the years, GMP developed into a comprehensive certification plan through the integration of ISO 9001, HACCP, product standards, traceability, monitoring, basic conditions program, chain control and the Early Warning System. The + refers to the integration of HACCP: Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points.gmpplus-150x144

The GMP+ FSA scheme not only provides conditions for feed production facilities but also covers storage, transportation, personnel, procedures, documentation and so forth. GMP+ International and its partners establish transparent conditions to ensure that certified institutions perform independent audits and animal feed safety and sustainability are guaranteed. GMP+ Feed Safety Assurance is an extensive program aimed at safeguarding the safety of animal feed in all areas of the animal feed chain.

In addition to our quality control system, high regard is given to other quality aspects such as product analyses and the sharing of information with representatives and end-users.



As per November 1, 2019 Van Triest Veevoeders is certified GMP+ FRA (Feed Responsibility Assurance) as well. This way we show we take our responsability regarding the contribution to the wellbeing of animals, the environment and future generations. This means all our products are non-GMO and are road transport GMO-controlled. GMO stands for Genetically Modified Organism, and refers to plants, animals or other organisms whose genetic material has been changed in ways that do not occur naturally.
With this certificate we fulfill the increasing demand for VLOG-certified feed (Verband für Lebensmittel ohne Gentechnik)


About SecureFeed logo_securefeed-300x111

From January 1, 2016 we are full members of SecureFeed and ready for the latest requirements by the dairysector. SecureFeed is an independant organisation engaged in the security and safety of animal feed. SecureFeed is an initiative by the animal feed sector concerned with all feed materials and commodities purchased by livestock farmers. Its prime ambition is “caring for food safety”.